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How To Build A Subwoofer Enclosure At Home With No Special Tools

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How To Build A Subwoofer Enclosure  At Home With No Special Tools

How To Build A Subwoofer Enclosure At Home With No Special Tools


In this video we go over a way to make a quick subwoofer enclosure in just a few hours with no special tools. This is not the only way to build enclosures, in fact its not how I build most enclosures. However, most anyone can build these enclosures at home with this method. Don't settle for a prefab enclosure when you can build one cheap!

Parts we used can be found at:

Build this enclosure:

Subwoofer this enclosure is made for:

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(SxmTech) Thanks

(Ashy Larry) I'm a commercial and residential contractor. I'm not criticizing anything my friend. For the most part you did a great job. 2 things to trust me on though.... I know you love Gorilla Glue but it sucks big time. It's garbage glue across the line. The only good Gorilla product is the Duct Tape. Anything else is a waste of money. Watch the comparisons on Project Farm here on YouTube and you'll see for yourself. Best glue you can get is Titebond III Ultimate in the green bottle. Lowes sells it. It's the best and it's the same price. Best hole patch/filler for wood by far is mixing the saw dust from your project and titebond glue together and filling the holes with that. When you sand it you'll have the same exact surface texture as the wood, it's hold is so much better than Spackle (Which can crack off) and you can even stain it if you wanted to. Hope this helps.

(Phan Hung) Thank you so much for sharing great video. Pls help me: My old enclosure (Sony SS MF400H) needs to be repaired. So which size of Spax screws is suitable in my case (thickness of MDF of SS MF400H is 10mm)? And which's alternative screw if Spax is not available? Thanks

(Shadrick Simms) Can I use that same program to bud a wall in my truck?

(Márcio Lima) Thanks for sharing it!! Great job!

(Shawn Sanderson) You cut all your wood at lowes! That's a trip.

(Jimi Jesus) good box. im aboox builder also wanna colab? i boot the best booms around bizzle dizzle squeeks bang bang diddy jimi out

(R Oliveira) Very good!

(Kim Walls) Nice and easy, thanks for sharing!

(Tommy Staylor) Do I need any insulation in the box?

(Norman Uittenbogaart) How about dampening? Is that needed, if yes how much and where?

(MyEvilBanana) Great video. If I could only pick 2 tools to build a box with it be jigsaw and a drill.

(Loud Elvis) You must have the Lowe's that people dream of....the Lowe's here won't cut more that 2 cuts per sheet then it's a dollar a cut and nothing is precise cuts..

(Jason Montell (Project-2501)) Can you do this with a double thick baffle?

(David Morgan) Never use drywall screws for anything structural...period! The best choice would have been Spax screws which have a much better hex head.

(FpvDroneLife215) Very cool video man. Simple. You didn’t give long drawn out unnecessary explanations on everything thing you were doing nor did you not give enough info on what you were doing. You nailed it well in this case screwed it an made it simple. Great video!

(JAY DEE THA DON) This didn’t work at all

(Aaron Abrams) I'm doing a skar zvx-12v2 and I can't find the height and width of the box on the website

(pighater52) Well dam always had trouble cutting out the hole not no more!!?💪👌👍

(Brandon Raybern) Good tutorial. Add one thing to your parts list...mask...MDF is nasty.

(sharpie132) So I have a kicker cvx 15 on the specs sheet it says when building the box to use silicone to fill in the gaps???

(areynol) Dope content. Is this type of enclosure good for a home theater?

(sharpie132) Wheres the speaker wire going through?????

(Troy Bramer) I bought the new 2021 ct sounds Tropo-xl-12 and I need to get/build a box for that

(James Daniell) I use a larger bit to counter sink but I wrap the bit in tape as a marker to control the depth.

(DFA) i’ve built multiple boxes and i’ve never been able to get straight edges. all i got is a jigsaw

(Cumberland County Customs) My lowes gets upset after about two cuts.lol guy actually said he's not doing my project for me.

(Benjamin Collins) Birch

(pedro passament) Wow man, i wanted to start building my own boxes but the hardest part for me was the software but that site is super cool. Thank u so much

(david h Castro) Great video an ty for the tips

(Jay Hay) How important is that "L" shape in the port? In other words, what if I didn't put that bend in the port, (the smallest piece, and it's just a straight path?

(Eimantas EIMAS) I make yesterday mine 😂😂

(Henning Roseth) Didnt have option for 5” or 6.5”

(John Cameron) I went to the Pyle website and it didn't have any box info.

(CHARACTER FLAWLESS) This is mostly for basic one or 2 subs only.

(June Gavino) Hi sir mi i know the cutting size that your Lported box tnx

(opens11) Dude thank you! I've been wanting to do this but always told myself I couldn't because I didn't know if home Depot and Lowes would cut them for me

(George) Your a genius brotha,, a damn genius!!!

(Coqui Audio) I sub for sure bro one note predrill before the screw so to avoid tears on the material, anyway awesome build bro 😊

(David Weber) Hey do you have a email or some way I can write you I got some questions I'm new to this and you seem to know what your doing very well

(DJ Mista Cham) I am interested in doing a 15in DJ-style Powered sub box. Can you off any guidance or tweaking of this setup for that purpose?? Priority for me is compact and tight.

(Giancarlo V) My Lowe’s won’t do more than 5 cuts lol. Thank god I bought my own tools

(Ithmiths) Cant find a tree version of subbox . Also most of em are in russian Also the site you have linked in unteachable

(aneesh B) how much it costed ?

(Skhosana Mathiyane) Nice and simple,,,especially about the circle,,,,lovely,,,,,,,South Africa

(Matt Shaw) 1k subscriber, thanks for the video

(timothy beaudoin) This is got to be one of the best box build videos I seen thanks. Time to get started

(Bassology 101) That was a dope circle cut brother dang.

(TSM Esports Racing) Rockford Fosgate P2D2-12 would this box work well with my sub i listed my dude i just subed when i stumbled on the channel nice work

(Jay Fleming) No matter how many times you watch a box building video it never gets old! Nice vice, straight to the point, and no videos!

(Hypercity) Great video. I went to Lowe’s today & had them cut my wood for the dual 10 sub box I’m building for my Mustang. They didn’t charge me for a single cut!

(Bala Bala) Really superb technique 👌

(Michael Hayes) Way to many splits and uneven ages for me, you have the screws to close to the edge, the wood was machine cut but the box is poor

(Connor McKay) so how big of a board total would I need to make the same design that you did? And how much material did you have left over after building?

(Wasn’t Me) Nice job bro!!! Learned some new tricks. I love the pre drilling idea and the counter sink idea. I usually just screwed mine together.

(Cowlid Lahd) Hey bro any chance you could help me out finding it hard to use “subbox” cheers thanks

(Brian Miles) Very nice work

(Real Patriot) I would not trust the cutting accuracy of any Big Box store saw for my cuts! No way but I am sure you could make it work. I prefer using my full-sized table saw with a proper 4ftx8ft catch table. You can find old table saws online at Bookoo which is for your local area garage sale website. A popular option is to buy an old Craftsman saw then mount a Delta fence system on it. I found a Craftsman contractor-grade saw with a 3 1/2 horse motor which is according to research not really a full 3 1/2 horsepower. You apparently need a 220 volt set up to use a 3 1/2 or say a 5hp motor on your saw. However, the regular one is 1 1/2 horsepower which is what my father had. When his motor died he gave me his table and I took his wings/side table pieces off and bolted them on mine to make my table twice as wide as the normal one. This only cost me $150.00 and has been doing a good job of serving my needs for years. Just make sure you put a new 24 tooth blade on it if you want to rip 2by or 4by material and don't bother trying to rip those types of boards with your plywood saw blade. Also, make sure you do not put holes too close to the end to avoid splitting the MDF as he did on the ports. The easiest way to assemble a sub box or build anything is to use a cordless finish nailer first then go back and drill your pilot holes and countersink for the screws. On holes close to the end especially use a drill bit big enough and drill deep enough that the MDF will not split. The way I do it is just hold the drill bit up on top of the screw and you want the drill bit to be the same size as the main body of the screw or my preference is a 64th or 32scnd smaller than the body. Instructions for products will always recommend a drill bit the size of the screw body but you can get away with going just a little smaller to get that extra grab for your screws in the material without it splitting. If you can afford cordless tools they are the only way to go. This is especially true on a tool like a jigsaw where the cord gets in your way easily. The Makita brushed tools are priced good and you can find great deals on toolsets at like The Home Depot. I have two Makita impact drivers for instance and one came in a kit I bought at Home Depot and then I bought the second-best one they make with the fancy 3 speed with the auto-stop function and guess what I like the brushed one better so save your money you do not need brushless. I have Bosch, Kobalt, Metabo and Makita cordless tools. There is the new Flex line I know and Milwaukee makes great cordless tools as well but if you are starting out on a platform I would start with a Makita 18 volt combo set.

(Starr Stewart) You can go to the Woodprix website if you would like to do it yourself.

(Ako lng To) I confuse what is the correct way how to get the interior vol. Cu.ft. Is it the outside dimesnion need to be measure to get the innet vol? Or the inner dimension to get the innier vol cu.ft.?

(Ako lng To) Do you have a fb accouny sir? Il pm u

(Ako lng To) Sir if we measure and to get the interior vol? What isa the correct way? Is it the outside diminsion need to measure then the result is a the interior vol. Or if we need to get the cu.ft of the box we must measure the inner part of the box not included the board materials? Which the the of these is correct sir?

(Ako lng To) Normaly sir what displacement of a commen double magnet 12” sub? Coz our sub is not specificaly include thier specs. For short made in china…

(Ako lng To) Bcoz of this I click the subcription

(Ako lng To) Sir? For you? What is the best kind of port? Aero? Or slot port? The defferinces of both? Thanks

(SeGin) Yo! Subbox.pro spits out dimensions with a decimal point after (for example 602.4mm). Is it bad that we can't cut the wood at this precision? What's the maximum tolerance?

(Magic Toaster) I followed this video to make a sealed box as the first subwoofer box I make and man, that guy at Lowe’s did not cut my boards straight 😂 had to sand a lot of the sides to even make them fit with one another. The box is slightly smaller than I wanted it to be because of all the sanding, but I’m still overall happy with how it came out! Good video man thanks for sharing 👍🏼👍🏼

(eugene irons) That is awesome.... I have a question.. with these measurements 16 x 32 x 18 could I make a ported box for two 15 inverted tuned 32 hz

(Victor Laboy) Do you make custom boxes for subscribers?

(4our2wenty8ight) Thanks for the tutorial. 💯 Bout to get these subs bangin'!

(DJShellingzVevo) 1:54 wow bro you could have lowered he audio

(RonCarAudio868) Great video, thanks

(Brad King) Love the cardboard measuring !! its way better than putting a circle around the woofer and guessing the cut !!!!

(tekgeek) Went to home depot recently they won't cut wood anymore if it's small pieces. They said less than 40 inches or so. Said it was against the rules to cut small pieces cause they could fall and hurt someone.

(Martin750hp name) Thanks Trevor for posting this i really needed this thanks again............

(Akun Crazy) Boss, 8 inch subwoofer, 0.84 cuft, how many inch ports and how many hz tuning?

(John Gray) Welp didn't know Lowe's would pre cut boxes for you so for them to do it do you have to purchase the board from them ? I already have half of sheet of American BIRCH that I'm going to be making a box to fit in a 04 silverado single cab I'm waiting on the third quarter to see if I can get one or a pair of them new kicker solo baric L7 X's

(Alvin Lofton) Where is the internal bracesing

(chris doyle) Cool tips and tricks!

(ChaoticNSG) 1:52 Yeah i needed that in my ears thanks lmao

(Tom Garcia) Can you tell us which size screw and counter sink bit you used?

(Luis Molina) If I take the size charts to Lowe’s,will they cut the exact sizes that I need for the subwoofer box???Great video by the way Broski

(booobtooober) Two tips to avoid all those splits, MDF is very strong when running screws through but very weak when running screws into the edge. 1) Do NOT put screws into the end gain within 2-3 inches of another edge. 2) Drill largest diameter possible pilot holes and drill them slightly deeper than the length of your screws. The drill bit must equal the diameter of the screw shank at a minimum, slightly larger is better so the threads barely cut into the MDF then use a few drops of glue in the edge grain holes and be careful not to over tighten and strip out the hole (be careful NOT to fill holes with glue, cause hydrolock splits)

(Malcolm Alvarez) Great video

(jimmarshall47) Very helpful video

(Yvng Herb) What was the price for all the wood?

(amontiel) Awesome video, thanks!

(focused313) Now that's how you make a car audio video!!!

(Rahim Jantan) Too simple will you..?

(Barry Allen) what is total internal volume? is that cbf per sub?

(Ruthless Flame) Extremely useful! Great video!

(kAtUnOg mhandy Paragua) Wow.., thanks for sharing sir.., nice design..,

(Stan Mondzelewski) Go bigger. Iv built 3 in the last 3 weekends. 2 for jensen 12s and 1 for a kicker 10 compC. Jensen 12 manual says max box size ported is 1.5ft³. My sons box is L ported,tuned to 30hrz. Box size is 2.64ft³. The same sub in my truck is slot ported to 32hrz. Box size is 2.89ft³. My oldest son has the kicker 10. Box is slot ported to 36hrz and is 1.54ft³. All 3 boxes get down hard. I used wood glue and 2.5" brad nails to put them together

(Cortes Sarge) what is the dimension sir?

(K. Wright) Great video

(Josh M) This assumes the person cutting the wood cares. I was patient and tried to communicate my cuts to the guy and he was a total piece of trash. He also got all the cuts wrong by half an inch in some areas. (With that machine it should very accurate) Also nobody behind me and telling me to hurry up for some reason when I glanced down at my phone for 2 seconds to give him the next dimension for the next cut. About walked away at that point. But I ignored it. Totally ruined attempting to get any cuts done in my area from these places. Needless to say I didn't pay for that kind of service.

(tommost1) Did I miss you putting in terminals?

(L Ry) Ayy man, another great video bud! I swear, if half the guys who wouldn't consider trying their hand saw this video, less out there would be running prefabs. Awesome vid

(Clobercow1) I don't think you need so many screws, or any at all. You can just glue and clamp. Glue is plenty strong. This solves the issue with splitting wood. And you no longer need putty.

(John Kelly) Came from reddit to give you upvotes here as well. Great video tutorial for r/CarAV!

(Trevor Turkington) Great video. As a woodshop teacher I can recommend if you keep your screws a bit further away from the edges of the MDF corners you can avoid the splitting on the ends. MDF if very finiky so its a good idea to to some test drilling on corner pieces to get the hang of it first. Again, great explanation!

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