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Subwoofer Box 15"

Ø164mm Ø358mm 28.35" 16.27" 15.01" 16.27" 15.01" 16.54" 15.28" Top Top Bottom Bottom Rear Front Left Right Rear Front Left Right subbox.pro
Parameter Value
Box External Dimensions
Width × Height × Depth
28.35" × 16.54" × 16.27"
Material Thickness 0.63"
Net Internal Volume 3.18 ft3
Tuning Frequency 31 Hz
Port Area 29.61 inch2
Pipe Inner Diameter 6.14"
Pipe Length 20.08"
Detail Size Quantity
Top / Bottom 28.35" × 16.27" 2
Front / Rear 28.35" × 15.28" 2
Left / Right 15.01" × 15.28" 2

Bandpass and Quarter Wave is currently under development

Net internal air space available for your woofers - Vb. It does not include any volume displaced by woofers, dividers and vents

Wood thickness (MDF or plywood)

This is the hole cutout needed to "drop-in" a woofer

This is the depth of the woofer

Volume of Displacement - Vd. If you want to compensate for the volume taken up by the woofer, you can use this parameter

This is the horizontal offset of the woofer relative to center of the box. To move the speaker to the left wall, you must specify a negative value

This is the tuning frequency of the box - Fb. Universal tuning that fits most subwoofers - 36 Hz

This is the inner diameter of each tuning port

This is the length of each tuning vent

All values rounded to nearest hundredths (x.xx)

Non-editable parameters are automatically calculated

Many options is currently under development

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